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Our mission is to support women to live a financially free and balanced life.

Apr 24, 2020

As investors and entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get stuck working in your business rather than on it. We are excited to sit down with Gwenn Aspen, investor and businesswoman, on this week’s episode! Gwenn started investing in her early 20s and quickly realized that processes and procedures are crucial in order to scale your business and take ownership over your company. It was then that she started outsourcing property management tasks to virtual assistants and soon created a property management support company with her husband.

We cover so much with Gwenn like when to use a VA and when not to, how to find, train and work with virtual assistants and what to look for in a VA sourcing company. Gwenn also shares actional steps for creating Standard Operating Procedures for your business and how she’s able to balance it all.

Gwenn Aspen is the president of Anequim LLC and Rent Manager Call Center. Gwenn previously was the quality assurance manager at Wistar Group in Omaha, Nebraska which manages > 1,200 doors. Anequim helps property management companies’ source and manage remote labor from Mexico as well as helps Rent Manager clients with 24/7 maintenance support and dispatch, leasing and call overflow through the Rent Manager Call Center. Gwenn has a background in the healthcare industry and is a graduate of the University of Michigan. 


On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Gwenn, including:

-      The importance of working on your business instead of in it

-      Why you can’t afford not to invest time in creating SOPs

-      How to scale and grow your business utilizing virtual assistants

-      How to mitigate the risk of internal fraud in your company

-      The soft skills needed to manage VAs and nurture the relationship and workflow


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior by Geoffrey Miller

Traction by Gino Wickman

Contact Information

Facebook- Gwenn W. Aspen

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